Rolex started in 1937 to launch the chronograph series, using the Valjoux movement, but at the time and for the next few decades, did not cause too much attention, the sales performance is only average. In 1960, Rolex will be the stopwatch change and re named Cosmograph ho space type chronograph, the biggest difference is the appearance of the speedometer directly imprinted on the table fake rolex circle around the periphery, rather than in the traditional dial. Because the Cosmograph collection of various performance of modern professional sports watches, including waterproofing design of oyster, integrated mechanical movement time, oyster clasps strap, and can know the bezel design average lap, so quickly in the racing drivers between popular, Rolex will rolex Daytona replica America Florida racing resort of Daytona Beach for this table name Cosmograph Daytona.

A plausible argument is Daytona the origin of the name, from a story: when Rolex assembly Cosmograph ho space type chronograph, it coincides with the opening American Doyona racing events, Rolex will specify the timing instrument, Cosmograph Chronograph send selected competition congress elected in one fell swoop, manufacturer and Rolex this series is named Daytona watch. Daytona table size reached 40mm, stainless steel case, screw tightened the bottom cover, waterproof ability of 100m. Daytona uses the Rolex three heavy lock, to ensure the waterproof ability, despite the highly polished tachymeter bezel not said, it remains readable definition direct sunlight in a certain angle. Dial extremely be good to hear or see, platinum scales and a bar shaped pointer equally clear and rolex Daytona replica beautiful, very recognizable small silver dial with traditional distribution on the dial. The second hand wheel on the optimal read the six o'clock position, pure white dial is beautiful, the same used sapphire table mirror, Gao Faguang materials used in scales and pointers to have the best dark clarity. Didone bracelet with other Rolex watches the chain and buckle, made a great change, link chain and middle also changed into solid stainless steel.

The chain can be disassembled by screw length adjustment. Generally speaking, oyster chain Rolex is currently available the strongest bracelet. Daytona chain by intermediate polishing chain and both sides of drawing processing link set, which has strong visual effect. When the new Daytona with the new 4130 on its debut in 2000, it be above suspicion doubt is a milepost Rolex. All Rolex watches can finally with self-produced movement, design means of Rolex is based on pragmatism, without too much flowery. 4130 has been rolex replica labeled "anti silly" logo, prevent the misoperation to ensure it application, without card balance, Bao Ji balance hairspring and KIF shock absorber. 4130 also has Rolex grinding is the most meticulous, so unlike the surface treatment, Rolex features so, despite its launch time is not long, but the performance flawless, get the watch making Association consistent praise and admiration, it has become one of rolex replica the best 10 movement history of watches and clocks.

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